Print Ticket Only for a new added order for a table

I choose a table and make first order for this.I close this first order for this table. In a while i have another order from the same table. I open this table again and I add new order. You see in this Screenshot 3 orders for the same table.

I need to print this 3 orders separatly. If i take “Print Bill” from left, system prints all 3 orders together. I need a ticket for newely added Ticket. In this case i need step by step 3 Tickets. And finally i need an invoice (ticket with all order) to give to customer.

Thank you for Help.

Look at kitchen print setup for printing new orders each time added. It uses the order state on ticket closing to print new orders.
Not sure what you want from invoice, is this not just print bill?
Failing that, maybe explain why you want this as is not common request. You should be able to change template to show orders groupedrsther than seperatem prints with a bit or work on some automation.

You can create a new print job action that mimics Kitchen Print Job and use it in your ticket closing rule to print Bills for your customers.