Print total subtracting the discount

is there a way to print the total of a product by subtracting the discount?
I mean:

hamburger 10 euro
coca cola 2 euro
10% discount should print me

hamburger 9 euro
coca cola 1.8 euro


If your using discount by setting a calculation no, calculations are a ticket level value not order level.
You would maybe be better using a negative order tag…

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I’m interested in printing the total of each product. I saw that on the payment screen if you apply a discount of the total of each product is updated. I want to print those values.

Surprised on that since discount calculation would be shown on the bottom/subtotal line…

I might be wrong then, check the template tags list to the right of the template (click help if its showing a preview)


You can’t display on ticket what your asking. What you see is just a visual so you can split payments evenly. It’s still a ticket calculation not order calculation.

It’s a visual only reference but the calculation is still a ticket based Calc


Thanks @Jesse, didnt think you could.

but he could apply discounts to each order… in that case the ticket will be shown and printed as he asked…

I think that Q made a tutorial with discounts per order…


If you do a search with “discount order”

you will find a lot of info regarding that, for example:

hope this helps you


you could do this but do not know how to do.
using the numeric keypad to specify the% then pressing a button to update all of the ticket products

Sorry if I open the topic.
I tried many solutions without success.
What I would do:
in the payments screen I would like via the numeric keypad to set the discount percentage and through a button to update the price of all products entered.