Adding Discount to ORDER using Order Tags, but asking for discount amount

Hello SambaPOS Community,

I was able to add 50% Discount following Emre’s tutorial, but I think we can enhance Order Tag discounts by asking for Discount amount.

Instead of always being 50% off, I would like to add a Order Tag discount to ask for amount to be discounted. For example, 10% off, 20% off.

Has anyone implemented this feature in SambaPOS?

As always, your time and help is always appreciated.

You can simply enter the discount amount i.e 20.00 and hit the DISCOUNT % button on the payment screen.

Hi Isaac,

Discount % in settlement screen will apply discount to entire bill.

It would be beneficial if you we could discount an item by any amount by asking for amount.

Hello @na1978. I think you can use Action Query feature for this. Instead of entering a fixed discount amount you can ask that to user.

Hi Emre.

I am working with Version 4.1.11. I followed your tutorial, but “Show Message” does not appear for AutomationCommandName. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

Thanks for you help.

Please upgrade to latest.

Hi Emre,

I am running latest version 4.1.11. I used the screenshot from your tutorial that is why it is showing 4.1.06. Sorry for confusion.

So that might be a caching issue. Please save the rule, close rule list and switch to main menu and back to management to refresh cache.

@na1978 did u mange to give discount upon asking?
if yes can you share how i am implemented some logic but its not working

There are many different ways to implement discounts, so you need to be more specific in your needs.

Do you want a list of discount amounts to choose from, or free-editing of the amount?
Do you want percent discount, or fixed value discount?
Do you want the discount available to the ticket, or to individual items?
If the discount is available to individual items, is it specific to only certain items, or any item?