Print twice delivery ticket, one with the price

could you please anyone have this solve; in kitchen printer it will be twice for delivery order; but one of them will be with price and delivery address that delivery man could collect order from kitchen.thanks

The easiest way would be just to modify your kitchen ticket template to include the delivery address and prices, then on the Execute Kitchen Orders Print Job Action, set “Copies” to 2:

Otherwise, if you want to have different tickets print (and specify for delivery orders only), you would need to create a new printer template (or even the standard “Ticket Template” would suffice for the delivery driver to give to the customer). Then create a new print job (clone “Print Orders to Kitchen Printer” as a starting point), create a new action to execute this print job (clone “Execute Kitchen Orders Print Job” action as a starting point), then update the rule that fires the print - by default this would be “Ticket Closing Rule”. Add your new “execute print job” action after the existing “Execute Kitchen Orders Print Job” action.

(note the above screenshot is already different from default - you won’t have so many actions)

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thanks a lot, i will try soon…

i followed the instruction but i failed to implement. basically delivery man wants to collect delivery ticket from the kitchen that included prices and address, so when ticket close for delivery order , it will print both the kitchen order and also ticket template with price and address. thanks

So you just need to create two print jobs, one for kitchen print and another with address details etc

Add both print jobs to your close ticket rule (or whatever rule it is where you want them to print)

It will now print both jobs

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just after closing ticket of delivery order one more extra print with address and prices will be printed from kitchen printer, i tried your step but still no luck, could you please post something details. thanks

You need the delivery template, a delivery print job and a print action for that job and add that to the rule you want it to be triggered on.

i did but how this delivery template will pickup from delivery entity…

Add the required template expresssion rags to template…
Search the forum for printing entity details.
If you want to display a specific entity type details you need to specify the entity type in the tag a bit like this;
{ENTITY DATA:Customers:EntityDataField}