Print voided item detail in ticket


Hi, this is my first question on forums ever.

When i void (iade?) an item it prints a ticket to corresponding printer. But there are options for the void type and i also want to print that extra info on the ticket. Because we save and sign back of those void tickets so it would be very helpful if we can print why that item is voided.


How are you storing the reason? We need all the info to help!!!


OK i just found this thread.

As it explains here, i have entered “reasons” for void and gifts. But i want that “reasons” to be printed on my bar and kitchen tickets as i collect them at the end of the day. It would be super helpful to see the extra data on the ticket.


modified my printer template like this. Not sure this is right though


<C10>{ENTITY NAME:Müşteriler}
<L00>Garson: {USER NAME}
<L00>Tarih:{TICKET DATE} - {TIME}
<L00>Adisyon No:{TICKET NO}
<L10>Adisyon Notu: {NOTE}





[ORDERS:İade]	-- void

[ORDERS:İkram]	-- gift

-- Format for order tags
<L00>     * {ORDER TAG NAME}


I managed to print the reason next to void/gift but it prints the reason many times (i guess thats the quantity of daily total of that reason)

Can anybody help me?


So the answer to the question was you using state value then.
Pretty sure you don’t need to use that long report order details expression… Sure there is a direct state value one for orders on template…
Plus that report expression by itself has no way to reference that single order…


i’m trying hard to understand the syntax, its also fun but frustrating. i have no idea how to write that. can you help?


Use template help button to show you a list of printer template tags…


In your case {ORDER STATE VALUE:GStatus}