Print voided item on spot with separated ticket

Can I print the voided items on spot in a separate ticket?

I just did the template but I need to have its configuration rule.

thank you

Hello @AhmadTammam

You can achieve what you want by applying below steps;

Create Printer Template;

Create a Print Job;

Create an Action;

Edit Related Rule;

Edit Related Rule;

Think thats going to mess up your automation.
Dont change status flow unless your 100%

The correct method for a ticket containing all new voids would be new on the print job acrion still as default void sets state to new and gstatus to void.
You would then edit template specifying using wections to only print void gstatus.

The above flow would result in the void being printed everytime as well as mess up the new/submitted flow used in other default automation

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So JTRTech What is the correct way to do so?