Printer and cash drAwer kick problem

My printer is in html mode, and everytime i close a ticket, my cashdrAwer kicks open, 2 times.

Please could somebody help, i am stuck and this is my only till

Check your close ticket rules, have you got any open drawer actions in these rules?

Does it happen when you press he close button or does the drawer open when ticket prints from the printer?

I have checked that, they are all fine.

When i take a table order, i click close ticket. When i click close ticket a receipt prints in the printer, when the receipt prints it opens the cash drawer aswell.

I dont want it to open the cashdrawer

Check your printer driver settings and disable kick drawer when receipt prints. It sound like its the printer thats opening your cash drawer if you dont have a rule to do this in samba

What printer do you have?

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I have a star tsp 600 usb printer.

I am new to sambapos and experiencing the same problem, is this a common issue?

Would any of you be able to help with this? @QMcKay @Jesse

I dont use star so im not familiar with their setup, have you checked your printer settings to see if the cash drawer is enabled to fire when a receipt prints?

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I have tried that, nothing happens,

If you havent got your printer set to kick your drawer open then it must be a rule you have set up in samba

Can you show your close ticket rule so we can see what actions you have set uo in it