Printer Error: Logon Failure

Logon Failure, unknown username or bad password.

Been here a couple of hours now trying to fix this, I can print test pages from my server to my till printers and directly from the tills, but the tills wont print via samba on terminals 2 and 3. Terminal 1 is fine though!

Using the No Sale tutorial.

I thought maybe it was because the automation commands were not working correctly because of mapping, so I did three sets of rules and actions, automation commands and print Jobs and mapped each one to each printer from each terminal… and I still get the same errors!?

Printers are shared on the network, as I said I can print a test page from the server to the printers

Does anyone have ANY idea where I could be going wrong? Im impressed I got this far setting up the terminals and server but this one little thing is baffling me and draining me! :frowning:


A little more info and a screenshot or two would be helpful.
Are your printers deployed through the server? Are they physically connected to one terminal, or are they all ethernet/wireless?

No screenshot required, it all works on terminal 1 but not 2 or 3. All mappings are correct and thats the only scren shot i would meed to show.

Each terminal has its own USB printer but is shared on the network and is visible via the server.

The server can execute test prints to each printer, the terminals can execute their own test prints. Running through samba it wont do it.

Used samba for a couple years now and never sen this sort of behavior


To follow that, please confirm;

Printer type
Where connected/to which machines
What are printers named on each machine
What printer name is selected in samba

You know printer name is centralised right, so if shareing printers or a local printer for each machine they must be setup/installed on Windows with the same name… Ie don’t name as Till 1 Printer, Till 2 Printer etc call them the same on each ie Receipt Printer

I didnt know that, each printer is set up as POS1 POS2 and POS3… maybe thats the problem?

So I have 3 printers… this makes sense now I think… and each one is given its own print job… but I only need 1 print job as its going to use the same named printer for each terminal rathr than each others…

Ok let me try that thanks JTRTech


Yes Matt

If they are all local printers for receipts on each terminal just rename them as printer or something but THE SAME on each machine.

Samba just looks at printer name so oh only need one print job, action and rule etc for all machines saying to print to that same printer name.

Yep thats what it was!

Holy cow, I knew it would be something crazy.

Really appreciate that. Now I can go to portugal in a couple of hours with a clear head!


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