Printer Error Message alert!

I have a customer who wish to change to SAMBAPOS and want to know when the order is send to the kitchen, if by any reason, the printer is faulty or not print, there will be a message or anything pop up on screen to inform that the printer error and there is a way to reprint the order to different printer?

Her current system has the function to show on screen if printer doesn’t print.

I don’t know whether Sambapos has similar function like this and how to set it.



SambaPOS just generates the data and sends it to the print spooler to print. Any errors returned by the printer would be handled by Windows.

SambaPOS can not do that as we have no communication to the printer after the print job is sent. Windows handles all printing. Perhaps a future update we may support more direct communication to some printer brands but we do not have an ETA nor can I promise that right now.