Printer Interface or model Support

Does anyone know of any ‘common’ receipt or kitchen printer interfaces or models that sambapos has issues printing to, or does sambapos play nice with all ‘common’ USB, SERIAL & ETHERNET Printer interfaces or models e.g on EPSON TM-U220B and EPSON TM-T88IV ( ethernet or serial RS-232)?


SambaPOS plays nice with all printers as long as the printer plays nice with the version of Windows you have.

Speaking from experience: Stay away from TM-U220B(usb model) or if you buy it make sure it is not plugged in while installing or updating drivers. Windows with not recognize this printer if it is plugged in before installing drivers.

My recommendations:

Kitchen Printer–>Samsung-Bixolon SRP-275 with Ethernet interface. Print directly to printer and do not share it using a computer.

Receipt Printer–>Any usb thermo printer. I have had good luck with Star TSP143.

This is my setup and has been working flawlessly for 7 months.


Having ethernet ready printers is sooooo valuable. It really pays off with reliability when sending prints from multiple workstations

@Aryanking @Jesse

Additionally, always buy a new printer for kitchen and do not buy a cheap eBay printer. :smile:

POS needs to be reliable. Always buy brand new and reliable equipment, unless you do not care about POS reliability.

I absolutely love my EPSON TM-T88V (USB). Quiet, very fast, Energy Star. Never any problems.