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Could you help me out to solve this problem :
I doing test printing to a normal windows Samsung CLP-Series. The problem is that is cut on margin left . What should I set to get good tiket print?

Check over your printers driver settings in windows. I would guess that’s likely to be where the issue is, check the default paper size.

thanks for your reply.
The problem is that, if i launch the test print with windows, this is sized and centered on correct, if i print with sambapos always starts from the left edge like an A4 (whatever format I set in the settings of the printer)

Presume you have windows printer selected in samba for printer type?
Check that Printer Preferences (which should open the default settings) are correct, samba wouldn’t tell the printer what size paper to use so default will be taken, you might find default is set to A4

the printer settings are these:
Are also modified settings in windows?

Change to A5 and save/set as default depending on what options you have.

I just tried it with another printer, but the result has not changed. It could be a problem with sambapos Windows printers?

Sorry, dont speak your language :slight_smile:
What’s the bottom left button?

You may find its dodgy driver, I have a big xerox machine and I have really trouble getting CorelDraw to print in A5 to it, end up exporting to PDF and printing from PDF Reader.

Please show a screenshot of the Printer Settings in SambaPOS …

The setting is The same, only the character set = 842
@JTRThec The button om The left is for monitoring The status of the printer

Help me please? :cry:

Sorry, my suggestion didn’t seem to help, will have a go on my a4 printer later if I get chance but it’s not same model as yours.

Just out of interest why do you want to use a normal printer for a6?
One this can’t be much bigger than a 80mm receipt printer.
Secondly that made me think, does it defiantly support a6?? I know my xerox doesn’t but that’s a big a3 machine. Have a check in manual/specs (I know there is an option for a6 but humor me)

There should be you can use the invoice printer i believe and make it work or in the printer settings change that number until it fits… keep increasing the the digits/. i got mine to work with a 58MM paper roll.

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also check the margins of your printer

hello , @Wisefix what do you mean with “also check the margins of your printer”?

Sorry for the late reply @gioalba What are your printer margins and how do u place the paper on the printer?