Printer name invalid issue

I have created a setup for printing on a tablet connected to the server system, and every settings is in place.
My issue is it prints reports but when i try to print receipt it pops up the printer name invalid error

Please help.

The printer name need to be accessable to the windows of tablet. If printer is on server it would also need to be configured locally on tablet which would either be through share from server or network if it’s networked.
The name of the printer in Windows either needs to be the same or if not that name needs setting up as an additional printer and adding in the print job mapping for that terminal.

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I connected the printer to the tablet via a wireless print server, i set the printer name to same as the server’s and still didnt print.

Its a dedicated printer for the windows tablet, i created a rule and action to the effect too.

Can anyone help, do i connect the printer directly via cable or it should work via wireless?

Look at printer setup portion of

Have checked and there is no explanation on connecting via wireless, my question still stands.
I have a terminal connected to a thermal printer via wireless, do i scrap the wireless connectivity and go with wired or is there a different step to take for setting up wireless printer.

You add the printer into the terminal just like a wired one. Then you can select it in Sambapos. When you say wireless is it a wifi enabled printer? Or ?

Its a wifi enabled printer, through wireless print server

What do you mean by wireless print server?

Wireless print server converts a wired printer to wireless.

Oh so it’s not a wireless enabled printer.

I made it wireless via the print server so as to reduce multiple cables plugged to the tablet

I’m not sure if that would work with Sambapos or not. I’ve never used one of those.

That is not the same thing as a wireless enabled printer. That was important.

I used it with a previous tablet and it worked, but it stopped and keeps giving error whenever i print receipt buy prints report page without issues

Give us info about the print server. What is the printers share name how does it work?

Ok so what error is it giving.

Printer name invalid

Yes plugging it in wired would probably fix it. Your print server is likely not setup correctly or the share name is not. This will be hard for us to diagnose as we can’t see it only you can and all we can do is go by what you tell us