Printer name setups

While I am thinking about it…when it comes to setting up printers, does the printer name on windows matter?
Should I be concerned about that and rename the Receipt Printer TM88v to “Ticket Printer” and the Epson TM U220 to “Kitchen Printer” ?

Early on I had issues, with my 3 station setup, but I think I solved it by just making sure every thing was totally named the same.

On each station each tm88v is renamed to ticket printer and every tm u220 is renamed to kitchen printer and on the station at the bar, I shared that one as “Bar” for drink orders.

Inside of samba in the drop down I select the local printer and the name in samba and the local printer match. All works, just not sure if I had to do it that way.

SambaPOS uses the name windows has for the printer. So a good practice that I use is I rename my printers in windows to what I want. I have my Kitchen Printer named Kitchen Printer in windows and it shows up in SambaPOS that way.

SambaPOS doesnt care… but it helps you to organize it and understand what printer is where especially when you have a lot of printers.

Ok great to know I am doing the same as you. I feel its better that way.

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Yeah I have 5 Printers at my main restaurant and they are all the same model. It would be very very sad if I left them all named the same lol.

It makes sense that each terminal have a specific network printer named the same and makes printer setup cleaner.
As for local printers I keep mine the same so single mapping covers all receipt printers on each terminal if that makes sense.
As kendash says samba doesnt really care about the name.
Unless you have language with special characters the only other real variable is character count as different models can vary, think older epsons are 42 ish. My china epson clones are 48. Mixing these would make linebreaks/margins messed up but other than that samba is only sending them digital test anyway in epos mode so its pretty universal.