Printer problems?

I am having a problem all of a sudden the orders from my tablets come up saying printer name is invalid not changed any settings at all. If I do a order from the server the ticket prints any ideas anyone??

Windows Network and sharing issues. You may try to restart server and tablets.

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Agree with @sukasem although the message saying about printer name is a samba message and a network issue usually just end up with print jobs in the que but depends on your setup.
First sugestion if printers are setup via Windows share is client tablet was on while printer PC was off and doesn’t usually reconnect by itself, it that were the case and PC with printer is on and running restarting the clients PC would be first step.

Given samba is saying printer name invalid I would say it is less likely to be that issue and first step would be to print windows test print from the client tablet/PC or print from something like notepad.

Obviously after double checking that selected printer name in samba is correct (yes you haven’t changed anything but anyone else have admin access? Never assume anything, as they say assumption is MOAFU!)