Printer requirement question

Hi, Would you please be able to confirm if this printer would be suitable for kitchen/bar printing for orders taken by a windows tablet?

Thank you very much in advance.

Yes it would work. Would it be the best option? I am not sure maybe someone with experience with this printer can give you a review.

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Thank you Kendash, this will help to get started


If you are buying an U220B with USB, make sure you do not connect it before installing Windows Driver. Otherwise, printer will not be recognized by Windows. For this reason, I do not like these printers.

A much better option is Samsung SRP-275.

The one that Deniz posted is with serial/rs232. Even with the usb, how to put the printer in the kitchen / bar? Do we need to put laptop/pc near the printer?

If your connecting via USB or Serial etc. you would need a PC near it or use a Print Server. Network Printers you can just plug right into a switch or hub and no PC required.

If you want ONLY the printer in kitchen or bar and no need for a terminal or computer then invest in a network printer and you can setup an inexpensive switched LAN for it. The networked Printers connected via physical LAN are some of the most reliable and have less communication failures than USB sometimes.

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BTW if your kitchen printer is near a lot of heat then stay away from Thermal printers. Dot Matrix or some of the other technologies are much better in a hot kitchen. I know the one you showed was Dot Matrix so that is good just thought I would point that out.

PS: I have not looked into it much but I thought I have seen some newer Thermal technology that can withstand the heat of a kitchen. I could be wrong though generally what I said above is true.

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I think the network printer with wireless will cost a sky haha

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Wireless printers are not as reliable as physical connected network printers.

Thank you so much for all the response, this will help a lot!