Printer set up,to print on specific terminal

Hi all,I have an issue with setting up printers for a networked environment.
i have 3 terminals

  • POS1 connected to POSIFLEX printer via usb

  • POS2 connected to POSIFLEX printer 2 via usb

  • Server with no printer connected

*POSIFLEX lan printer connected in the kitchen via LAN cable

All the terminals are on the same network,each printer is installed to its respective terminal and its shared.The kitchen printer is working okey.
My problem is with the usb printers connected on pos1 and pos 2,whenever i post an order from any terminal only 1 printer is printing and that is the printer .Please check the attached screen shots and help me out,

i have been going through all tutorials on this but still i am not able to solve this mess

Sorry cant see any screen shots. But just basic Did you shared the printer? Can you find that printer in add printer wizard in another computer? and final Don’t add local printer directly instead use Shared printer Name.

these are my screenshots from the server side.

  • in the server side we are not posting orders kindly let me know if its ideal to set the ticket printer in the server.If i don’t set the ticket printer on the server neither printer will print,they keep indicating "invalid printer template " error.
    When i set the ticket printer on server as shown on the screen shot,all other terminals will print on the set printer ,that is till 1 and till 2. i hope you understand

Instead of typing the share name directly in sambapos add the share printer to windows and then in SambaPOS select the printer as if its just a regular windows printer.

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let me try that thankyou for unlocking my mind

still no progress here any other suggestion team.

did you try as kendash suggested? what didnt work?

Did you create terminals for the two computers besides SERVER and set them up and added each main printer?

As I understood you want each POS to print on its own printer right?

are your printer jobs installed for the usb printers?

i have done that but still no results

yes they are.let me post the whole scenario again

I had to re-post this ,because setting up the printer is really proving to be a nightmare for me.
i have gone through all what that have been posted before but still i cant get the solution. I have seen some of you complaining of the same issue,some of you got the solutions so kindly assist.


1 server
1 pos terminal for Bar connected via usb printer (posiflex pp800)

1 pos terminal for Restaurant connected via Usb printer (posiflex pp800)

1 LAN printer connected as a kitchen printer (posiflex pp6900 u)

set up on the server
on the server side i installed the LAN printer and shared the printer the printer on the network
Then i created a print job for the server,so you can still us the server to post bills and to cash out billls
I have also created print job for terminal 1 and print job for terminal 2.check on the screen shot bellow

i also created ticket closing rule for each terminal as shown

i also installed the usb printers to till 1 and till 2 respective then i shared them.The reason why i had to share is to make it easy for someone who is using the server to post order either to bar or kitchen while using the server terminal ,since the server doesn’t have individual printer attached to it

So on the till terminal i have installed my usb printer and shared,the same thing i have done on till 2. i also created the printer job for each printer and ticket closing rule for each terminal.

The problem is i keep getting this Error message "invalid print template " whenever i am trying to use the till to post the order or the bill

i am able to post kitchen orders only from the server,the bills can also be printed from the server and the tickets are also being closed from the server.All these are being posted to the kitchen printer.This is only being achieved after changing the printer mapped to server print job as ticket printer

i am tending to think if i can be able to post KOT,print bills and close ticket on network printer then there has to be something i have to do to achieve the same on the usb printers.Therefore i am trying to rule out the issue of Printer job rules and ticket closing rule.Though i am not sure why the same server cannot print the bill on POS 1 printer after changing the mapping to till 1 printer

on the POS 1 terminal,this is what i have done , i have installed usb till printer (till1 printer)and have shared the printer so it can be assigned to another terminal beyond till 1.
screen shots for termina1

still the ticket printers couldn’t print

At no point have you showed your printers list in samba pos, you know that printer names are same across samba right and are global setting so if you are printing to a local USB printer of till 1 which is shared via windows to server it would want to have the same local name in Windows on the server as on till 1.
Samba only looks to local Windows printer names.
You either need to make local Windows printer names match on all terminals or create multiple printers and jobs per printer per terminal and automation to go with it.

I will show the the list of printers as soon as I get back in office.Then I will get back to you ,thanks indeed