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I am looking for some help. I have an issue with my receipt line spacing. For some reason, it creates a gap between words. So far this is what I am working with. I can change the size of the font but just not close the gap between words. Please can someone help and point me in the right direction?


It is doing that because the size of the name is bigger than it can fit on one line. Few solutions. 1. reduce font size so all of your products fit on a single line and it doesnt need to wrap to another line. or 2. use a script to detect if it is going to wrap and automatically reduce font size.

Hi Jesse,

Thank you for your reply!

I am new to this :(… I can’t reduce the font size because we need the font to be big for the chefs to see. How can I do what you said about using a script?

Thanks again!

Also, It’s strange because this item has more words and doesn’t have huge spacing between the words.

It’s because it’s using all available spaces the top line out to fit whole words on bottom line.

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And the last space is early in the name, its splitting on space so depends on your particular line.

The text is being justified by default (i.e. it makes each line justified both to left and right of the receipt and does this by adding additional spaces between words).

You can force it to left justified which will solve your issue, just add the attribute TextAlignment="Left" to the <Paragraph> tag.

If you want to make the whole template use left justification by default, add the same TextAlignment="Left" to the <Section> tag near the top. As you know you got your system from us (StoreSeen) so we created that template, so the line near the top, add it here like this:

(your template may not be exactly identical, but I just mean it should be the second <Section> tag.)