Printer Swapping?

Need printer help.

A new situation has come up and this is what we would like to do.

Two restaurants under one roof.
Separate but together.

Out of these two businesses under the same roof, one is getting a makeover, but the kitchens are fine and ready.

Two kitchens, let’s say A and B.
IP Printers in both kitchens (Epson TM2200).

Currently one restaurant prints kitchen orders to kitchen A.
We need to be able to print to kitchen B Monday-Wednesday from this one terminal, and then back to Kitchen A the rest of the week.

How is this possible without moving kitchen A’s printer to kitchen B?

Create print jobs for each printer to be used, and a rule to execute the print job for each group of days of the week. I believe the three-letter date string is dependant on the terminal’s language setting.q

Then use
{DATE:ddd} MATCHES Mon|Wed


if you have more than one constraint in the rules (which is more than likely) be sure Execute rule if Matches All is selected


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I will get that a test. Thanks!

Which Event Name: would I choose?

The same as what you’re using right now to print tickets to the kitchen. Clone the rule and then modify both rules.