Printer template after day ending

Before samba i’ve used another pos, there were a good trick closing of the day, this function has been separated from the reports you could print off during the day, a report about how much you must have money in hand I want to add a function I know how to make an automatic command to print but how to put in check the information I needed? Sales for the current date by a particular user and their definitions for certain departments? I read by appropriate topics in the forum but not completely understand them, help pliz :slight_smile:

No ideas? I’ve tried different issues-nothing works!
Emre may u add parametrs to this action? Like in account transactions? Department name, id, etc…

We wont make changes on reporting module for a while. We are changing reporting infrastructure with new libraries so we’ll remove current reporting module soon. We have a lot of requests about reporting. We’ll start releasing them after new module implementation completes. Thanks.