Printer Template - Duplicate text on next line

I’ve had this happen with other tags such as <BMP> and I’m not sure why it happens. When I use <BAR> anything it duplicates the number on the next line. <BAR> does work. Like I said I had the same issue with <BMP> showing the image location on the next line along with the image.

Does anyone know why this happens and how to fix it?

For clarity this does not happen on other templates.

Okay, so its the oddest thing. I took a copy of the working template and started deleting lines until the number displayed and it appears that when using <BAR> in an html template and using <J00> or <L00> in the template makes it not display the text below the barcode.

This creates a whole different issue in that expressions now fail to evaluate.

Are more playing around. The expression will evaluation if I add html to the line, but now commented out sections result in extra white space.

@Jesse Can we have Vehbi look at the output for HTML <BAR> to see why it would be doing this? It shouldn’t require so much modification for it not to output a number after the barcode.

For now I’m just adding the numerical output centered to all of the barcodes.