Printer Template Font Sizing Issue

Could anybody help with the following issue.

I’ve just setup SambaPOS and I cannot get the kitchen printer template to increase the font size. It’s over IP and its running ESC/POS. On their previsions POS software, the font is of mixed sizes using the same printer. So from my limited understand this makes this a software issue rather than anything to do with the configuration of the printer itself.

Can anybody help with this? I am just using the standard kitchen printer template at the moment. But have experimented with J00 etc and this does not seem to make a difference.

What printer model? Some printer doesn’t support ESC code used by Jxx, Cxx, Lxx tag, doesn’t remember exactly what ESC code using but it should work with most Thermal printer. It doesn’t work with Impact/Dot matrix printer.

The printer model number is BTP-R580

post your picture of the print out

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Show the output from printer

What is wrong with the Print?

The only part of the Template where you set a larger Font is for Void Orders, and there does not appear to be any Voids on your Print?

Make sure your Printer (Driver) is set to ESC/POS and not STAR mode.

Kitchen staff want bigger font like their old software so it looks like this:

What Q is saying is that in your ticket template only voided orders [ORDERS:Void] have a large font size <L12>

Because the example you showed does not include any voided orders, this is why you don’t see any large fonts.

My understanding is the the two numbers after an L C R or J etc relate to the horizontal and vertical scale of a letter. For me I don’t think a ‘2’ does anything. For this reason I typically use L00 for regular or L11 for large.

But place these tags in an area of the ticket template where they will be used and play around with the values to see what works best for you.

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Change all J00 to J11 and post the printed output again.

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That did the trick. I think the print preview throw me off, made me think the changes weren’t being applied. Thank you guys for your help. I appreciate it.

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