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Creating a printer template for my staff wages payout button to integrate it with Kendash’s time clock.

I’m not 100% on templates, but I currently have this at the top.

I don’t have a printer connected to my laptop where I am doing the test database, but if I have this working in my head ill be able to work on it.

<L00>{DATE} : {TIME}
<c00>Authorised by:{ENTITY NAME:Employees}
<C01>Wages Paid for week ending

And then I’m wanting to choose a week ending date to print off within the receipt, and to stor it as part of the payout description. Is this possible?

Thanks Guys


You can use Printer Templates for this, but I would suggest using Reports instead.

Printer Templates are really designed more for Tickets rather than Reporting… and a Report is probably what you really want anyway for a few reasons, the first one being the really important one:

  • you can use Report Widget(s) on a Custom Entity Screen
  • you can have Date Filters on an Entity Screen that change the Report Output
  • you can Save Reports to File
  • you can Email saved Reports as attachments
  • you can Print Reports

This is my Payroll Screen with:

  • Entity Grid for selecting Employee
  • Date Filter for Reports
  • Automation Commands for making Payments
  • Automation Commands for Printing Reports
  • 3 Reports

The screen is dynamic. Selecting an Employee changes all the Reports to correspond to the selected Employee. Applying a Date Begin and End also filters the Report Data to show all Hours, Earnings, and Payments for that Employee within the Date Range.

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OK, I understand that completely.

Let me cancel what I’m doing and start this again. Thanks loads.