Printer Template Vs Report Templates and Barcodes

Ok quick questions.

The idea was to use SambaPOS to print STOCK BARCODE LABELS - since SamaPOS can print “BAR39” and “QR” codes I thought it would be easy enough to print Barcodes directly from SambaPOS using Automation. :confused:

So can someone verify you cannot use “BAR39” in a Report Template? Seems only available in Ticket Printing.

So if this is the case I must be in a Ticket right, as Ticket Template Commands typically require a Ticket? So the next idea was when a Stock Item is selected from say a Menu - use Automation to then run a Printer Job to print a BarCode. Anybody think of issues with that?

Of course it would be best to have that Automation on a Stock Entry Screen - but the only one I can think of from my brief foray into Inventory is a Purchase Document? The horse has sort of bolted as the Stock Item has to be entered by then (i.e. Chicken or Egg sarga).

So thinking this process would be used for “kits” and other “made in store” items so you would create the Product -> Enter a “made up” Barcode and Save. Then you would manually enter that Barcode and run Automation to Print a Job using BAR39+{BARCODE} and Cancel Item. Could work - but issue is at what stage do we have a Ticket :hushed:

[EDIT 2:]
Have done this will post a few pics here shortly :grin:

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The Results:

Simple Output:

Now I can print Barcode Stock Labels from SambaPOS! Mapping a Print Job to a cheap Bar Code Label Printer is even simpler!

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This is on my to do list :slight_smile:

You can do it outside of ticket as well. Although accessing specific product may be complex.

@pauln if it helps, when i was tinkering with the idea of printing barcode labels for a portential client with semi retail site my plan was to have a flow where you added an order, selected a barcode rint button then had a ?prompt for number of labels in the print action coppies field to quickly allow bulk printing of labels.
Also to add an action to cancel the order after.
This could in theory be expanded to have a ‘Barcode Print’ button which changed ticket type or department to ‘barcode mode’ which triggered the print & qty prompt on order added followed by the cancel order so you selected item via menu or evan scanned an existing barcode (adding the product)

Hey @JTRTech
(Yea Emre made me get out of bed so I thought I would acknowledge your post.)

I was thinking about a very similar workflow using prompts, cancelling stuff etc but it turned out much more simple. The way it works now really only requires a Ticket Template and Print Job. You hit the button 3 tmes and get 3 Labels, place 4 Products on the Ticket and get 4 different labels with 1 click.

Users are satisfied they do not need to go to an external Web Site or propriety software to print labels. Funny the venue I was discussing this with had a very dodgy internet connection that had been down for 3 days…

PS: Check out my reply to kendash - another way to reference Product BARCODE outside of ticket.

Hi @Jesse

I actually thought too I was going to write my first script to access that data outside of a ticket as I was attempting to use {NAME} & {BARCODE} in a test message inside a ticket to no avail.

But thanks to YOU and a discussion you had with Emre about {SETTING:x} I realised (and tested) that I could store the BARCODE and other Product Data required to system settings and just use them in a Ticket Template!

For anyone who is interested I am using {ORDERS} Section and then {NAME} from inside a ticket but you can simply print a setting in a Ticket - now thats kinda cool! :sunglasses:

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can you show me your template?