Printer Tickets is somewhat Wrong format

Hi There,

Just set up the Star TSP100IIIU with SambaPos today,

the Format for the Tickets when Previewing looks like this

However, when Print out from Star Printer,
it is looked like this:

Not only it cuts at the wrong place,
but also, it has these ! marks on the left handside of the tickets,

beside this, none of the formating such as increased the side of the characters, nor made the words bold.

Printer Setting

Star Configuration Utility Setting

Can someone Please Help.

Thank You

I’ve changed this to a question as it isn’t an V5 issue, this is a configuration mistake you’ve made

I’m pretty sure the exclamation marks down the left hand side is telling you the printer is still in STAR mode and not ESC/POS mode which is why it isn’t printing correctly

Your screen shot shows you have a setting set to ESC/POS but have you actually sent those setting to the printer to update it?

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On the star settings go to “print job routing” and turn on the feature for ESC/POS (don’t remember the name but there is only one setting on that page. That will resolve your issue.

Star printers are always a headache to be honest, what you have so far here is just the tip of the iceberg. I usually avoid them for this reason and only ever work with them when a client has existing hardware.

You’ll probably find issues printing £ which seems to be impossible to resolve - even you set language to UK or try Unicode / UTF-8, it still won’t print £ properly then as if by random it will print it, but then won’t and there is no reasoning to work out what made it work that one time! :frowning:

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Thank you very much Mark,

This has been solved as per your instruction.

I am fairly new to SambaPOS,
since you have mentioned, what would you recommend as reliable hardware in the UK?

Hello Gofood I noticed you recently became an official reseller so I updated your forum account for you.

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