Printer Woes - No Drawer Pop and Printing Off Screen

Hi all, I have a Star TSP100 USB thermal printer which works ok on ‘Print Ticket’ however there are a couple of problems…

  1. The cutter on the printer on the printer appears to cut the ticket 2 lines before the end of the ticket
  2. The till drawer pop does not work - I have added the suggested code from the forum but it just prints on the ticket, no pop
  3. (Most important) despite the sizes and character count being seemingly correct in Samba AND Windows the text on the ticket prints off screen (it also appears the same in the preview window so something is wrong somewhere).

In the printer config and Samba I have set up as a Windows printer as POS doesn’t seem to work at all.,. Have searched the forums extensively but cannot seem to find a solution - any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance,

-- General layout
<L00>Ticket No:{TICKET NO}
[<J10>Total Gift:|{ORDER STATE TOTAL:Gift}]
<J10>Total:|{TICKET TOTAL}
<C10>T H A N K   Y O U




-- Default format for orders

-- Format for gifted orders

-- Nothing will print for void lines

-- Format for order tags

-- Table entity format
<L00>Table: {ENTITY NAME}

-- Customer entity format
<J00>Customer: {ENTITY NAME} | {ENTITY DATA:Phone}

Put a screenshot of your Print jobs to show the mapping of your Drawer Kick template

Infact, looking at your original picture at the top you’ve done it wrong: ill explain…

You need to create a SEPERATE printer template with just <XCT>27,112,0,25,250 in it.

Then you need to create a NEW print job for the template making sure its mapped to the correct printer that the till drawer is connected to

Create an action Execute Print Job filling in just your Job Name and Making sure ticket print is set to False

Then create a new Payment Processed Rule adding all your payment types eg: PaymentTypeName Equals Cash do another for Card, another for Voucher if you use them etc etc

Add your Open Drawer Action we created to it.

I don’t think you have done the above because 1) your receipt has the code in and it shouldn’t have… and b) your saying its cutting twice which suggests you haven’t set print ticket to false.


all explained here:

Double check you have added <XCT> and set to false

Thanks Matt. All done and triple checked. Definitely set to false but all that happens is it still prints the command out. I’m using the manufacturers approved code for a Star Tsp 100 IIU. USB version of Star TSP 100

Ok, and its mapped to the printer in Print Jobs?

Show your Printer Settings for the Mapped printer

Set as Windows printer as in esc pos mode there are excalamation marks before each line and titles dont print correctly.

Seeing exclamation marks means printer works in Star emulation mode instead of ESC/POS emulation mode. If your printer supports ESC/POS mode you can refer manuals to find how it switches to ESC/POS mode.

ESC POS mode the drawer pops but the receipt looks awful and cuts too early also we want to print graphic etc so ideally we need the pop to work as a windows printer

So setup two printer configurations that points to same printer. Set one of them as ESC/POS and the other one as Windows printer. Send kick command via ESC/POS setup and use other one to send prints.


Pretty sure Windows printer doesnt support XCT codes which is why its printing it, plus points emre stated.

For the cut lines, add some blank lines to the bottom of your teplate;


Perfect thanks everyone. In the end I did what Emre suggested re 2 printers.

TSP100 definitely supports ESC/POS. Change it under Program Files/Star.

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This link may also help.