Printing 1 page for each item

I can when submitting the order to print in the kitchen, printing 1 page for each item on this page should contain the order item the customer name and address and item value.

Example: Customer buys 1 salad with cream, a crisp potato with chead and a coke.

The system printed in the kitchen 3 pages, the first page with the salad with cream, containing item value, address and customer name, the second page potato chips with cheddar, containing on the paper item value, name and address of the customer, and on the third coca page containing the value of the item’s name and address of the customer.

It’s possible? I’m new here. How do I do it?

Try one of the following settings in your Print Job …

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Hello sir, did you solve your problem?
I want something the same to you want!

Hello @Sunday_Thuok, You can achieve what you want by applying below steps;

Step-1>> Main Menu > Manage > Printing > Print Jobs > Print Orders to Kitchen Printer > Printing Content > Here select Separated Prints by Quantity

Step-2>> Main Menu > Manage > Printing > Printer Templates > Kitchen Orders Template > Set your template field as below image;

It should be printed like this;

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