Printing 3 Kitchen docket to kitchen printer

Follow this tutorial to the letter, it will help you setup new sql server and instance, then you can restore the database using SSMS.

The result i got.
Thank you. Lemme follow this tutorial and see if there will be any difference

My server is already set up. when i get to this stage on this screen i get stuck

Dont restore databases from userspace or ProgramFiles, make a folder in C:\ drive and restore from there.

Thats not from the tutorial I sent you, please follow the tutorial.

You can solve simple way - uninstall samba, uninstall sql 2012 then go to c/programdata and delete sambapos folder then you install samba again all will work


This is what i got after deleting 2012 server. How do i reconnect it to my systems

Please, any help on this? i want to connect my server
I have 2016 installed now

Hello please i really need help on this

Can Someone help me? I can not print

You can find self help at and if you need paid support you can reach out to your local reseller in your region or you can email for paid support if there is not a reseller in your region.

Or perhaps someone in community can help you but remember this is not a support forum. The forum is great at helping but you must be patient.

Thank you. for your feedback i really appreciate