Printing 3 Kitchen docket to kitchen printer

Dear all,

Please can you help with practical example how to make my kitchen orders come with 2 copies anytime i send an order to the kitchen printer.

thank you.

Edit the Execute Kitchen print action and turn on setting for 2 copies.

HI jesse,

What i see is parameters, amd i set it to 2. But it is still one

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You need to open the rule remove the action save it then open the rule again add the action back and save it. Changes to actions won’t automatically take affect on rules.

But that’s not the setting. Hmm I swear there was a setting for that.

Look here it should be under Parameters.


If you do not have that option then you need to update to latest version of Sambapos. But it looks like you just need to scroll down. I see a scroll bar on the right.

Thanks Jesse, it worked fine.

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