Printing A Menu in Kitchen

Hello Everyone,

With your help I was able to implement our restaurant, special thanks to @Jesse, JTRTech and RickH without their help it was not possible.

I needed your expertise again for printing. I have 2 different menus in my restaurant, one part of the menu is dealing in the Buffet whereas the other menu is for the Short Order. We print invoices from the Cashier’s printer whereas we want to print short order menu in the kitchen.

I followed steps upon adding the submenu and it worked perfectly fine, the only problem that I am facing is to print it to the kitchen.

Thanks again in advance.

Best Regards,

Syed Waqas Ahmad

Can you elaborate, maybe with screenshots so we can understand as some of your terminology is confusing.
You have anything printing to kitchen?

I suggest you look at Print Jobs.

Go to Manage - Printing - Print Jobs

Then select the relevant print job and select the printer you wish to assign the job to.

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