Printing Arabic Character With TicketPrinter Mode

Hi I am using a thermal printer with SambaPOS4 it works fine in HTML mode however it does not work properly in TicketPrinter Mode and prints ? mark instead of arabic charachters.I have tried changing the printer code-page through the tool provided with printer but ? still come in place of arabic charachters.
HTML works good but the line happens to go in word wrap mode if the sentence is too long to fit in the ticket
I want to use ticketprinter mode to print arabic charachters
Please guide me for the same
I have attached images for your reference.

P.S i am inputting 864 in samba charachter set setting for printer

Thanks & Regards,
Chaitra Dangat

You need to change the code page on the printer (it will come with a tool to do this) and then set the same setting in SambaPOS

If you consider upgrading to V5, you can use Document Printer mode and will work very well, you have much better formatting capabilities. I honestly think this is the best option, it’s what I do when I need to print in other languages.

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As you can see in this pictures I have changed the code page to 28 and then 63 which correspond to arabic for code page

but the printout still shows question marks

what is charachter set code in samba corresponding to my printer code pages as oyu can see in pictures from my question.
Also I have setup sambaPOS4 and the system is up and running so cannot updgrade to sambaPOS5
Please provide some other answer rather than just plain upgrade

You can always upgrade, it is a simple process. I gave you that solution as it’s the best, because I know that getting printers to print non-English text is very difficult. You can see the code page in SambaPOS, just make it match to the one you want to use in your printer. Also, it is very possible your printer doesn’t have the fonts to print Arabic - do you actually know if the printer supports it, or you just assumed it did? Like for example, for a printer to print in Chinese or Japanese, it needs the font to be available on the printer.

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