Printing Barcode EAN13 and size font

I get an error about “print job” when I try to print a barcode in EAN13 format.
I use < bar13 > in printer template and I enter manually a real EAN13 barcode but I get an error message.

Printing barcode 128 works.
Have you an idea about this problem?
Can we change size about barcode in printer template?


It is a little hard to understand without seeing the error message. It might be a problem with check digit. Please try printing with or without check digit.

In ticket template I add this line : < BAR13 >3396047480842
And when I try to print ricket I get this message

What happens when you add <BAR13>339604748084

Without the last number that works.

Another question :
Is there a way to change size of barcode?

Is it too big or too small?

In my case, it’s too small. My bar code reader has difficulty to read it. (No difficulty to read a bar code on bottle…)
I print barcode on STAR TSP700. So either quality print/paper isn’t good enough or bar code is too small.

Thanks for your help

OK I’ll make some improvements for barcode printing however I don’t have needed test hardware atm. I’ll be at my office on next week and I’ll implement better support for barcode sizing. If you have chance to send a photo of printed barcode it will also help a lot. Thanks.

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At right, bar code printed on ticket with a bar code I’ve found on a box.
At left the same bar code I cut on ticket and I put above a bar code on a bottle.
No really difference about width but I’m sure print quality added to smallest size make trouble

Thank you very much for the photo. Interesting horizontal lines exists in barcode bitmap. I’ll check that.

I think there are horizontal lines because of the thermal printer (star TSP700)
It’s the same height as print character.

I agree. Probably printer does it but I’ll test it with my printer and try to improve quality.

Also, the reason I want to print barcode with only numbers is that with letters the barcode is very wide.
At left barcode of coupon whith CP{RANDOMC:8}
At right barcode with 12 numbers.

So another question, is it possible to create a coupon number with only random number (except {RANDOM} tag which use date)

You can use less than 8 digits. For example only four alphanumeric numbers will have more than 1 million combinations. Also you can try printing qr tags. It supports sizing.

I don’t know if it is from the photo or not but it seems it even can’t print = signs correctly. Do you have chance to test with a different printer?

Same ticket with EPSON TM TH88 II (Thermal printer too)
TM TH88II and TSP700 are old ticket printer (more than 10 years) so maybe quality print is because of that.
And I can’t use QR tags because my barcode reader doesn’t read it (Ps 75 1D).

My printer doesn’t have such problem but I’ve improved code a little bit so I hope it should be fixed on next release [4.1.18]. I’ll be happy if you can test and share your results when 4.1.18 releases.