Printing based on multiple states

So im trying to create a send orders to kitchen button. Ive setup my rules so that when a ticket is closed without sending the orders it changes the status from new to not submitted. I could set the printer rule to only fire when the not submitted rule is selected. But I want to be able to send the orders directly to the printer even when orders are a new state.


Will this work?

Your going about it all wrong,
dont mess with default state, let it submit but make a new state flow like PRINT and PRINTED and use that state in you print action.

Here are my rules for tickets that have not been printed but are closed/held…

and here is my rule for printing the tickets if they are new or not submitted state.

Firstly ticket state is irelevent to printing action state.
If you want more controll as I said you should change from new on action to a custom state you can control seperatly to other automation.
Ie PRINT (new) and PRINTED (submitted)
I do this also as alternative to print job mapping.
I have a product item tag column for Kitchen Print, Bar print and Coffee Print.
Putting a value in these on product acts like mapping as on order added if this tag = ‘Y’ it sets the eg. Kitchen Print state to PRINT.
Normal operation then means the print to kitchen happens based on state of Kitchen Print=PRINT.
This state is updated to PRINTED when sent (unless set to HOLD)
I then have a ‘hold ticket’ which bypasses normal flow by changing each of the previously mentioned states to HOLD.
This HOLD is then change back to PRINT when ticket is reopened.
You shouldnt mess with default status states unless you are 100% knowing what your doing.
Likely to cause issues with automation and reporting is you dont cover all bases to put back in like when expected.

Hmm can you show some of your screenshots then… i just want a send orders to kitchen button to only show up when new orders are added or not sent to the kitchen.

You shouldnt change default sates like i say unless you know what your doing.
ie this;
Plus why? your changing from one state to another in the same rule… makes no sense.

Wheres your button? all you have done is mess up default status from these screenshots.

Do you want any orders to be printed automaticly like default flow?

My understanding that only works if the current state is the one its changing to… so if it does not match one it will not apply it. That rule is for when we select the automation command button to send the orders to the kitchen. The close ticket rule is just to change the state to not submitted if you hold the ticket before sending the orders to print.

That make sense tho to create a new state for printing… got any good threads on here i can look at specifically to follow? I kept my original rules so that i can revert back if i needed to :wink:

acrtions are sequential, so your changing from new tosubmitted then submitted to not submitted…

Ok well we can just scrub that cause im not going to go about doing it that way anymore. I understand what your saying. It was working tho. But anyways now… to do it the right way… what steps do i need to take?

So you only want to print to kitchen on button but only send previously un-printed orders?
have you already got product mapping in print job?

Yes want a send orders to kitchen button that only shows up if the orders have not been sent yet then disappear when they get sent.

So you will want order added rule to make a custom state of Kitchen=Print
Also a ticket created rule to make a custom state or Print Button=True
Change kitchen print action to print Kitchen=Print state only.
In your print button automation command rule, after the print action make update state action to change Kitchen=Print to Kitchen=Printed and Ticket state Print button = False

So like a New state PStatus?


Can call it whatever you want. but you dont need to define it as a state.
Only need to define if you want it to show under order or specify a display format or show in deault reports.
You can have many custom states just for automation.
They all show when logged in as admin
look at all mine;

Can you show a example of these rules… im still not 100% sure im following what you mean?



Mines different as automatic based on states as i manually trigger hold to stop printing rather than not printing like you and manually sending to kitchen but the state updates are similar just on different rules.
Any I do my mapping through item tag and state as mentioned earlier.

How do you get the automation command to only show based on the order state and not the ticket state?