Printing code only

First of all, great software!

Only issue i have is that whenever i print bill its printing a code(tags) only ( like {transactions}, {date})

I am using this chinese XP-58IIIA printer, it sayss it supports esc command.

Ive tried changing printer type to every available options with no success. Please help, thanks

Additional information:
Using Sambapos 4, windows 7, using english on Samba

Can you please provide your printer template. The fact that it is printing the tags means that the printer is working, so I’m thinking it’s an issue with the printer template.

HI, thanks for the reply

I will upload it in a hour or so. But, i havent changed anything on the template provided by sample data.

Here is template

– General layout

<J00>Balance:|{SOURCE BALANCE}

That is not a bill template. That is for printing account transactions.

When you say “bill” are you talking about a customer receipt for purchases ?

customer receipt for purchases was selected for Print Bill job in Print jobs. I thought it was the template for printing bill at the end of sale

@emre, can you help with the bill template please. I’m not near my computer at the moment.

The Hilux is broken down 140kms from home :expressionless:

Hello @o_tuguldur, @JohnS

You need to select Ticket Template on print job to be able to print tickets.

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