Printing Error words cutting

It’s randomly cutting words on the printer i attached the picture. Any idea why I’ve changed the printer tape twice didnt help.

Are you using Gloriafood and printing from the tablet on the same printer? If so this is the reason why. I have no idea why but the gloriafood app wrecks html printing mode on any printer once you print from the tablet. You have to restart the printer every single time or it will do what you see there. You can solve it by using our integration and letting SambaPOS print the tickets or use ESC/POS mode instead of HTML.

Another alternative is to use our KDS app and skip printer completely.

Yes i have gloria foods. But some of this orders were taken directly on the pos would that still cause the problem?

If i only accept orders on the gloria food tablet and print from the pos would that still cause it?

The problem only happens when you print from the tablet. Every order after that from sambapos will do that.

No sambapos will print them just fine. It’s the tablet app that causes it when you print from it. It sets the printer into some kind of mode that causes it.

What tablet size you use for samba kds?

Those are Sunmi D2S KDS they are Restaurant grade 15” IP rated kds Running android 11.