Printing from batch entities

Hi I can’t find the csv file anywhere on the computer.

It should be in C:\Exports

There is no export file in C.

If not make a folder called Exports and try again

this is what I am getting.

Are you trying to print it?
In data export on reports page just click the name of the export;


I am getting nothing going to the path that is set.

Did you make the folder?

Yes I made a Export folder in C:Documents

Not in documents…
You set a director in export of C:\Export so you need to create a folder called Export in the root of the C:\ drive, not in documents.
Dont change report to use documents folder as likely get other permissions issues as windows has more retrictions within users folder. FYI even documents couldnt be C:\Documents … It would be something like C:\Users\Username\Documents

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Cheers now have it going to the export file and have just sent it to myself by email and it opened up in Excel. Thank you all for helping me out. Not very good at this IT stuff.

If needed you should be able to automate a email of the export in samba. There is a export action and an email action and a trigger event could be any rule event.
One thing to remember if this is attempted is generally you need to split the rule using automation command with delay or background set to allow export to happen before it tries to email the file.

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I think I will just export it and then copy and paste into a email so I can print it at home or send onto our treasurer. We have just realised that we have spelt honorary wrong as well.:joy:

You could use automation command as a trigger and have samba email it so as long as till is online you just press a button and it emails the csv to him.

What would I need to do to get that to work.

few actions and couple of rules and smtp details for the email action to sent via.

I thought you said it would be easy. Not much then.:laughing::laughing::laughing:

Not that hard to do.

Button/Automation Command
Automation Command Rule
…Export Action
…Execute Automation Command Action (with delay/background option)
Second Automation Command Rule
… Email Report (using attachment field for csv)

That is easy for you to say.

Yes it is :stuck_out_tongue:

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