Printing Issue - Posiflex

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I am having a small issue with the Posiflex Printer which is thermal printer. The problem I am facing is, the printer prints on and immediately cutting the paper. At the same time when I am trying to print a Windows Test page it prints normally. I am also noticing that Printer Design changes whenever we start the computer and the previous changes that we made yesterday would be cleared off automatically, especially the Customer Custom Fields.

I am using the Ticket Printer - ESC/POS type with 857 Character Set and RTL Support to None.

Is there any special setting I have to follow in order to get it print? Would it also be possible if I can print two types of designs i.e. Order Ticket and Customer Ticket.

Your help is required.

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Waqas Ahmad

It seems you need to start from here

I couldn’t understand the paper cutting issue. It might be related with drivers or configuration. If windows test prints fine you can try using HTML printer.

@emre When I use the HTML layout the invoices looks like a simple invoice and looses all the formatting. Whereas I want to make the company name bigger and bolder. If there is a document that can guide me on how to do that I would be more than happy to design the Invoice Designs. Can you please refer me to a document where the formatting is elaborated.

Thanks in Advance.

@emre @JohnS

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That was awesome. I redesigned the invoice and it was fantabulous…

Thanks @emre for your fastest reply.

Thanks and Regards,

Syed Waqas Ahmad