Printing of Ticket and Printing of Customer Receipts

Good day everyone,

Please I need an urgent assistance with sorting out Printing of Tickets and later on, Printing of Customers Receipts when an Order is made in a Bar/Kitchen.

I have set up every other common configuration that needs to be done in Sambapos 5 but I need please, the configuration whereby when a Waiter or Waitress punches in an Order made by a Customer and when he/she is done placing the Order for particular Table on Sambapos 5 in the Point of Sale, a Ticket/mini Receipt is Printed and given to the Bar man (who keeps it for verification and stock reconciliation).

If this said Waiter/Waitress needs more items, he or she opens the Table Number and adds more items to that particular Table on Sambapos 5 (or any Table as the case may be).

At the point when the Customer wants to pay, the Waiter/Waitress prints a Customer’s Receipt (different from the Ticket given to the Barman) with the total (summation) amount to be paid by the customer.

Please note that I will want the list of items being ordered on both print out - Order Ticket or Customer’s Receipt Print outs.

Thank you.

Hi @dratee ,

so you already have order dockets going to the bartenders but you cant print bills on the same printer?

Sounds like you want kitchen print type print for the bar?

Yes please.

I want dockets sprinted on the Bar Prunter and when Customers want to pay, receipts should b.e printed out (on the same Bar printer).

There is a second printer for the Food Orders to the Kitchen Staff.

This is the configuration I am trying to archive.

Thank you everyone

It’s same as kitchen, just duplicate and change mapping and set to print to receipt printer.
We have it at hotel so that tablets etc print a drink order to the bar kike for kitchen for drinks to be made. Pretty straight forward.