Printing of Tickets

I have been using Samba Pos v2 on my other machine… On this one i just installed Samba Pos V4 … the printer is the same…
the problem is that when i click the Print bill button… there is nothing that is printed and i have gone to the Printer and set up my HP printer …
When i click on the HP printer jobs it shows the job is being printed but nothing gets printed…

I have tested my printer before and after the bill job and it works fine for other application…

Please tell me what could i be doing wrong… other than setting the printer i have not made any other changes to the samba app.


If you are using inkjet printer try changing printer type to HTML Printer. Ticket printer works only with ESC/POS emulated ticket printers.

may i know why when i click print, it doesn’t autocut itself?

normally it will print and leave some blank line and autocut it

Your printer isn’t set to auto cut. You may need to reconfigure the printer.

dont think it’s printer problem? i snap the printer cable from my other retail pos (which is working normally there) for testing.

What is the printer? If you print a Windows test page does it cut ?

i use usb thermal printer but i virtual port it to COM2. i couldn’t find the printer drive under controlpanel->devices and printers thus no idea how to test page it.
i got it set up exactly same but it’s another POS system for retail

my work around is using feed button on my printer and tear it off.

another weird thing is the table tag should generate a cool separation line but it got interpreted into some funny chinese character…anyway to fix that?

So you have no drivers loaded ?
Is the printer definitely set to ESC/POS mode, or Windows mode ? or is it in OPOS mode or what is also known as Native mode ?
Do you have it set as a Ticket Printer in SambaPOS or as a Port Printer ?

i set it to Port mode in sambaPOS.
don’t think have drivers loaded but it works in my other comp thou.
the cash drawer etc work (which connect to the printer)

In Port mode you will need to send the cut command.
What is the brand and model ?

Your other POS must have been setup to use that printer. It doesn’t mean that the printer will ‘Just Work’ with other POS systems.

erm…how to set the cut command in sambaPOS?

my other POS software might have preset it inside as i didn’t set it before

Well, you need to known the brand and model of the printer, then find the command codes from searching on the net, and then test in SambaPOS.

You will set the command code in the printer templates just like the cash drawer codes.

This may help -

If none of them works try <xct>27,100,1,29,86,66,0

should i include this underneath the print job template at the last line?

as i followed tut for cash drawer and the code execute well but when i copy the cash opening code to the print job template at the last line, the cash drawer doesn’t pop also

i did try all the option from the link

p/s: i did try to create a rule etc by following the cash drawer guideline and edit the part according and finaliy include the action under under print bill rule after closed ticket but not working also. but i might miss something as i am new to create rule etc

i think i am getting so close but unfortunately my laptop that is used to test everything dropped and it is dead. I will test again after getting a new desktop for the coming shop. Thanks for the help

RIP for your laptop.

Port Printer designed for serial communication with customer displays or similar serial devices so it does not send CUT command like “Ticket Printer”. It will be better if you install driver for your printer and use “Ticket Printer” instead.

Looking back over the comments. I think this printer is set to OPOS or native printing.

further to my printer cut issue, i manage to grab another laptop to test this. It is SOLVED.

emre code 27,100,1,29,86,66,0 works perfectly.
i implement this via the same method of emre tut on implementing cash drawer.
i did miss the printjob setup page last time that’s why not working. I knew i am coming close.

All good now.

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is there any way to use A4 laser printer with logo and Bold letters?

already tried using html printer to print listing with logo, but I did not succeed, any ideas please

Hmm I think this is the third thread you have posted this on?