Printing paid items

When I click PRINT BILL button, outcoming bill includes paid items. I want to add a section that outcoming bill, PAID ITEMS. Is that possible ?

Table: M12                                 
- 4 SHOT.JACK HONEY                  80,00
- 2 JACK DANIELS                     60,00

Remaining:                           80,00
Total:                              140,00
Paid with:
Cash                                 60,00

//here I want to add PAID ITEMS and prints
//Paid items: 
// - 2 JACK DANIELS                  60,00   
            T H A N K   Y O U

You have to select items first then click print bill.
But it will print total quantity and amount on that line.

For more advance if you want to partially print quantity (UNTESTED :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) but should works:


Automation Command Button:


EDIT: Select Orders->Order State Printing, not Paying

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Payments are ticket level so you would need to built in a way to mark orders paid in some way, most likely though state and then change your print template to print paid and unpaid items.
This obviously only works if payments are always based on order totals, or not 50/50 split as this would unlikely relate to an order combination.

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