Printing Problem

I copy and shift the Samba POS version 4 from one PC to another. All are OK except two problems. One is there is no icon of menu shown and the main problem is that printing not generated. I use Windows 7 64 bitand my printer name is Excelvan. This is a thermal printer. I also see the tutorial of Emre’s Printing Tutorial

Can anybody guide me to solve this problem. I will oblige thereby.

Could do with more info…

Can you print from windows itself?
How is printer connected?

Sorry for late! IT was a printer driver problem. So it is solved. Thanks for your helpful activity. But one thing is not solve yet. There is no icon shown.

Please help me to solve his issue…

Reinstall SambaPOS, ensure you say Yes to installing the font at the end - even if you already have the font installed, the one that comes with SambaPOS has more icons and the reason the icons are not showing is because the font wasn’t installed when you first installed SambaPOS.

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Which font can I install? I give you the screen shot. of my problem.

Anybody here can help me?

You are missing the samba symbol font.
Reinstall samba and at the end before clicking launch wait for the prompt to install the font.

Segoui font you need to wait after installing Sambapos for it to pop up to install it.

Follow instructions I already gave you yesterday…