Printing Reports HTML

Maybe I’m missing something, but we just switched all our printers to HTML from ESC/POS and they’re wanting HTML formatting for the report printing. I know that I could create a print job/template to accomplish this, but that would only work for current work period. Is there anyway to incorporate HTML formatting into reports?

Sorry if I missed it in the forum. I did look, but only saw v4 posts.

You could just duplicate the printer, one set normal on as html and point both to same printer name and use html for print jobs and other for reports.

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True. I guess I’m wondering if we plan to support HTML with report printing.

It’s just like a mail merge so can probably drop table sell separators or something is where you might put comma to return a csv list type output.

You need to just create another printer in esc/pos mode specifically for reports. It can be the same physical printer.

I get that. I’m still asking if there are plans to be able to use HTML formatting within reports.

Right now no there are not plans for that.

Sorry I misread your original post.

You can use HTML tags in the output {REPORT ORDER tag "{0}" HTML tag}

I am not sure to what extent though. Ive used only bold, size etc.

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