Printing: Reports Vs Transaction Printers and Back Office

Hi @emre
Something that has been bugging me for a while is how do get what you call “Transactions” to print effectively and easily to a Windows Printer?

The scenario in our venues is all have Office Admin staff that process Deposits to Account (as 1 example only) and therefore wish to print a formatted receipt.

Here are the screens I refer to:

Reports Printer:? (Good)

Transactions Printer?: (Bad)


Now BEFORE I immediately get referred to “use an HTML Printer” I wish to state by default in the post install form SambaPOS may not work as desired? I am trying to position this query for the every day person who is not off writing HTML every day (just yet).

So my Question Emre:
If I set my Transaction Printer to be a Windows Printer then why do I not get a nicely formatted Receipt as I do with a Report?

Happy to be corrected here?
PS: Have also changed Ticker Printer to a Windows Type as well but not change.