Printing stock issue

Hi team! I am looking for a way to print inventory items issued From the main store to respective counters/departments and vice versa. I was thinking of a custom report that shows all that have been issued in the course of the shift, but then I need to print a document that the barman can sign after being issued with new stock.

kindly point me to the right direction

Could you explain a little bit more?

From what I understand you want to know how many kg, ml, L left each department at the end of every day?

Ok,i understand from the previous post that nothing can be altered on the warehouse dashboard. After receiving the stock items on my Main store ,the items are issued to respective departmental warehouses(kitchen,bar) . I am looking for a way to make the barmen or kitchen staff receiving the said stock more accountable.I want to generate a small print out of what has been issued and the person that has received to sign to acknowledge he has received.

Something like stock ledger form

I am capable of configuring the stock report, the report captures the issued stock , purchased stock, opening stock and the closing stock. Stock can either be issued by the manager, store clerk, or accountants or the supervisors to the respective local stores. The local stores include Bar, kitchen and cocktail bar.
I would like a report that shows who issued the stock and who received that stock in the respective bars.
I have already manual stock requisition that was done using ledger forms, Am having a lot of issues with my inventory simply because the system doesn’t show who issued and who received.
Kindly shed some light on how you handle this