Printing Takeaway based on ticket type issue

Hey guys, for a client i have setup multi departments which include dinner and take away.
To ensure the correct printer template is printed for each department i setup the “Ticket Closing Rule” to make the print and make the state changes if ticket type equals “Dinner”.

Rule Name: Ticket Closing Rule
Constraint: Ticket Type = Dinner
Actions: Print Kitchen Action
Update Ticket State(default)
Update Order State(default)

Now i needed the same type of rule to control Takeaway tickets. So i created another rule for “Ticket Closing”, and used “Ticket Type = ToGo”.

Rule Name: Print Take Away and update state
Constraint: Ticket Type = ToGo
Print Kitchen Takeaway
Update Ticket State(default)
Update Order State(default).

When taking an order for dinner printing and state updates work fine. Even if you go back to view a ticket, and press “Close” to go back to “Ticket Viewer” it works and doesnt print anything(As it should).

However place a “ToGo” order, works fine and prints fine. But go to “Ticket Viewer”, display the ticket and press “Close” to return to “Ticket Viewer” it prints to kitchen again!.
Each time u open a ToGo ticket just to view it and you press Close it prints again to kitchen!.
I tried changing it to Before Closing and Ticket Closed but no luck.

All i want it to do is make it work like it does for Dinner. Prints once and not print everytime you press close button.

This is a small video of what I mean.

This is the rule for kitchen print to dinnner ticket type

this is the rule for ToGo ticket Type

Now if i remove the print ToGo kitchen action, then it doesn’t print…
If i do this, what rule could I create that will allow the ToGo kitchen Print after “Close” is pressed while Ticket type = ToGo?

Do you clone default Execute Kitchen Print Job for ToGo Print Job? Can you try default Kitchen Print Job in ToGo?


Ok so I don’t know why I didn’t check this before LOL! I love you guys!
I found the issue!
It was in the action settings! The default Kitchen print job action had additional settings to make it work, where as the kitchen print TG had just Print ticket = true…
I found this out by testing what you told me, try it with original kitchen print, and suddenly togo ticket on close was not printing.
SO I checked the default kitchen print action settings alongside the ToGo settings and made sure they were the same, saved it, inserted the rule into the action and IT WORKS!

Original Kitchen Print Job Action Settings

Kitchen Print TG Action Settings(Prior to change)

To fix this I just copied the same settings as the original kitchen print.
Added “Order State=Status” and “Order State Value=New”

Thanks @sukasem for pointing me in the right direction. <3

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