Printing Ticket and Kitchen print when order state is new

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Guys can you please help me out: I want to print Ticket and Kitchen Printer when order state is new because want to give updated slip to Waiter each time and that ticket shows unpaid bill.
i have created new action and Ticket Rule but it doenst work when i enter Status and State to New.
If i keep it empty it works fine but each time i press close button it print the job.

Sure, what kind of help would you like?[quote=“Junaidmir, post:1, topic:10936”]
but it doenst work when i enter Status and State to New.

Start with showing us your rule we can’t really help you if we dont know what you did wrong. Show us the action as well.

Dear Kendash,
I will go to my Resturant tomorow and will send you Fresh screenshot.
Just the issue currently i am facing Is when ever i Click close on ticket it print Ticket. I want only Ticket to be printed when order State is New as It goes to Kitchen printer.
Actually the Ticket Print will be used as Waiter Copy to remind full payment

Ok so where is your Print Bill action? if its after the Close Ticket event then that is why. When you close a ticket it updates Order State to Submitted so it is no longer New if your trying to execute the action after close.

Look at where your action is and ensure it executes before the Ticket Closing even that updates order state to Submitted.

How to see Order of Print bill action?
as i am new to samba if you can guide me it will be really helpfull

Well first answer my question. What rule is your Print Bill action in? (I do not know how you configured your system everyone does it differently and even though you are new for me to provide you accurate information you have to tell me some things I can not see your screen)

This rule changes orders from New to Submitted. So if you print your ticket after this event then obviously it wont work because orders state is now Submitted.

Notice how my Execute Kitchen Orders Print Job action is BEFORE the Update Order Status action.

i got it i will check tomorrow and will let you know

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Thankyou i done it as you said it works Now.
Just one issue now Ticket print only when their is new order but i want to print complete Bill to remind waiter the total amount.

Restaurant harddisk was crashed so i have to create whole solution from scratch.

need some help now whenever i close button ticket is printed i just want to print ticket when order state is NEW

So in your Execute Print Job action there is a setting for State. You can set that so it will only print if State is New.