Printing to Kitchen Printer

Hi. I’m trying to set up a Kitchen Printer. I have a Brother QL-720NW label printer with a paper roll 54mm wide and continuous length. I have set up the printer driver and can print a test page through printing preferences in Win 8.1 just fine. However, we I set the printer to print tickets for the Kitchen it doesn’t use the default settings and tries to print a completely different page size. The printer receives the message fine, but then rejects the job because the paper is not the ‘correct’ size (according to SambaPOS.). Please assist.

Have changed to question.

I have used a small or other label printer and it took me a few goes to get it working properly.

What type do you have set for the printer in samba?
Windows Printer?

Yes windows printer. Thanks for your help.

Ok, I dont have the setup where I used a label printer to hand however you issue seems very familier to my early testing experience.
Have you got the orientation how you want it? That was my first step.
If I remember correctly my main issue was that being a cheaper desktop type label printer rather than a more commercial Zebra printer it didnt support the preferred code/lanquage for label printers.
I think I ended up using HTML coding rather than the defult <J00>/<L00>/<C00> type formatting in order to get the layout I wanted.
Firstly make sure the default setup in the printer driver is set to use the correct size label., It should be under printer preferences. Word any other software gives you ‘page size’ type options in the printer dialogue but Samba will just use the defult settings from the preferences for the printer.
If you have the preferences set right and the orientation right try reducing the line character count as this ‘defines’ the width of the paper (this is more applicable when using fixed width font) but a good place to start…

Here are some posts which might be useful when you get it running;

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Hi there. Thanks for your help. Managed to get it working. Only issue now is that I don’t seem to be able to get the Ticket Note to print on the tickets going to the Kitchen. I onlt print tickets to the kitchen for certain items. How do I get the free text Ticket Note printing on the kitchen ticket please?

What is your template?

Have you put the {NOTE} tag on the ticket where you want it?

I’m using the standard Kitchen Template supplied with the software. Can you tell me what code I need to have on the template to ensure the note prints on the ticket please? Really LOVE this software and very much appreciate your quick assistance. Thanks. Stuart.

Not at my computer but pretty sure ticket note is not on the default template.
If you look on the right hand side there is all the ticket tags available.
Pretty sure ticket note is just {NOTE}

I put something like;


At the bottom on my template.