Printing twice or 3 times depending on TAG

Hello everyone,

For my daily specials, I would like to print 1 table orders into 3 tickets to the kitchen printer, like that:


table : 24
1 x Starter1
2 x Starter2
2 x Main1
1 x Main2


Table 24
2 x Main1
1 x Main2


Table 24
1 x Starter1
2 x Starter2

I was thinking about adding a product tag {ITEM TAG} like Starter or Main
Then adding 2 print jobs in the closing ticket rule, each with a constraint like:
the 2nd print job {ITEM TAG} = “Main”
the 3rd print job {ITEM TAG} = “Starter”

Would that work?
What would be the correct syntax for the constraint?

Another solution would be to put in the print job mapping, 3 rules that would match my needs, like

Product Group = Daily special; *, *, order template; kitchen printer
*; Prouct Tag = Main; *, order2 template; kitchen printer
*; Prouct Tag = Starter; *, order2 template; kitchen printer

But I don’t know if this will work.



If you have product tag you could do a few ways.
I’ve not used the print job tag option but should work.
You could use print job mapping.
You could use template, duplicate it and set order section to empty and then specify template for needed items making it not render unspecified order types. Bit like how void orders are ignored on receipt template.
I use this for a few things however using custom order states. Not sure if that works easily using tags but wouldn’t be major job to switch tags to states on order added which is what I do for most product tags for other parts of my setup.

Hi JTRTech, thank you.

I did put product TAG to some products (some Starter, some Main).

I added 2 print jobs with 1 mapping each.

Product TAG column = Starter for one print job
Product TAG column = Main for the second print job

I created 2 actions for the 2 new print jobs

I added these 2 actions to the ticket closing rule

However it does not print anything, I think I have something wrong with the product TAG.
Do I have somehow to enable the product TAG

In 2016, emre told that there was a mistake but that will be corrected in the next version, you know something about that?

If it works it makes life a lot easier for printing to different printers (kitchen / bar, etc.). Also saves clients having to touch Print Jobs if they add new categories (as I’ve found a lot of the time they also manage to mess it up during the process… :stuck_out_tongue:)

I’ve tried:

“Food” in Product Tag. “Food” in Print Job field.
“Food” in Custom Product Tag “Product Type”. “Food” in Print Job field.
“Food” in Custom Product Tag “Product Type”. “Product Type=Food” in Print Job field.

None work :frowning:

I use states for all my printing stuff and use the order state filter and update from print to printed a bit like default status but just for printing.
Means never have to touch mapping etc.
Product tag = order state = filtered in print action.
Gives easy managed per product print ‘mapping’ using bulk tag editor.