Problem for connecting client computer to server database?

i setup the server successfully with windows Pro 32 bit, as i fallow the guide from SambaPOS club, Server installation was successfully completed, also i started the client computer i installed windows 7 pro 32 same as previous one, i disabled firewall and the like and installed .NET framework plus sambaPOS then, i try to connect the remote database by goint to local settings. please look below shot.

Server works well and also has green connection status at left side down corner.

any help please

So your SQL Express instance is SAMBAPOS3? What version of SQL Express?

EDIT Obviously it is since its connected on main terminal… So do you have TCP/IP enabled for the SQL Server also is SQL Server Browser service running? Did you check to make sure your SQL Server is accepting outside connections?


Yes of course;
MSSQL Express 2012, and instance is SAMBAPOS3

Look at the steps i provided at bottom of my post above.

PS. While your at it you might as well upgrade to SQL Express 2014 its the current version and 2016 will be released later this year.


ok; browser service is not running let me check it other steps thank you very much

THe SQL Server browser is the main one you need running.


Yes; Great; connected successfully after starting sql browser;
Dear Kendash your support and help it outstanding.
thank your very much;
appreciated your volunteer.