Problem just before im due to drive 2 hours to deliver POS

In my set up at the shop, I have a Create Employee button.

I have used this same set up for this current POS I’m building. At the shop I use RFID, the new POS they want mag cards.

I have programmed the cards to be 9000001 ->

When programmed they end up being %9000001?

The till isn’t recognise the % or the ? anymore

When I swipe in it doesn’t work until I remove the above symbols…

Any ideas? This seems to be since the ‘Password’ field has been added?

Ive managed to overcome the problem, but might be worth checking out how its changed?

Ive set it so that they will add the card number eg: 02 - and then the automation adds the first few numbers.

Seems to solve the problem

Allows me to not have to reprogram all the cards too

The login screen should ignore the non number values… Or is this just in you custom create user flow?
Mag cards usually have these prefix/suffix characters.
If readers have a utility you should be able to set it to drop them on output of swipe.
If nothing else you should be able to split the value with scripting/helper…

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Not sure what’s happened but it has. Can’t work it out.

If I type in the card number without %? It works.

So I’m guessing I need to fix my script to remove these Now?

Its ok ive worked it out to make it work, in fact it allows me to be a little sneaky as it’ll only be the cards that I program that’ll work… which means i can charge.


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