Problem to print

Hello, i have some problems to send print jobs to the bar printer, everything is works but when i edit in actions the Execute Bar Orders Print Job, i change the order state name to: Status and the order state to: New it dont works, but if i dont writhe nothing everything works but prints all the intems again.
tanks for your help

Try this tutorial.

actually i use this tutorial to configure the bar printer, but when i add a intem the printer from the bar dont work, i check 10 times the configuration and is good but is not working, when i take out from the action list of execute bar order print job the fields order state name the word: Status and in the order state: New then it works but it prints all in the ticket not just the new orders

Where is the bar print job action in the list?
I presume your talking about the ticket closing rule where you find the kitchen print action along with few other rules for changing ticket/order states?
If removing the state makes it work (BTW it would print all as it should be looking for new state, no state field value means it will print all mapped products on the ticket)

From what you describe I would hazard a guess that you have added your print job to the bottom of the list of actions in that rule.
Which would make sense from what you describe as the update order state action is setting the orders to submitted before the print job action can print the ‘NEW’ orders.
While in the add action popup you can drag the already selected actions to rearrange the order.
Move your print job action for bar orders up to just after or infront of the kitchen print job action.
That will allow it to see the NEW order states before the following actions change the state to submitted.
The work flow in samba rule actions is very logical.
If you expand the update ticket and order actions you will see more clearly what they are doing (changing states) and it would/should make sense as to why it isn’t working if your action is at the bottom of the list of actions for that rule.

Tank you, that was the problem be cause in the rules i have at the end the bar print job, now is everything working perfectly

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